Giving Your Freelance Career A Push!

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Freelancing has been a thing for years but in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I feel as though it’s starting to truly receive more attention than it has in the past.

Regardless of whether freelancing is something you wish to do full-time or something you wish to do to complement your current job, there are a common set of practices that successful freelancers enforce which adds to their success. Of the many, here are 5 that I believe you could get started on straight away to kick-start your career:

Clients seek out professionals with experience solving problems, it’s even…

Make These Changes And You’ll Be Fine

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I didn’t quite realize how many people were interested in freelancing until I put that I was a freelancer on my LinkedIn profile. Many of the people that reached out to me had either tried to start freelancing, failed then gave up, or were actively looking for freelance gigs and were failing and slowly losing drive.

We all join freelance platforms, like Upwork, in hopes of landing jobs, so when we don’t it certainly makes us feel as though freelancing is not for us. Well, that may be the case but very often it’s not. There are usually a few…

Writing Effective Proposals and Cover Letters

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In an ideal world, potential clients would see all of the marketing efforts we do to make our services seem more appealing then decide to reach out to us, thereby leaving us with the option to decide whether the business is one we want to take or not. The issue with that is… We don’t live in an ideal world.

There would be a time when offers aren’t pouring through the front door or we may wish to apply for something slightly more direct as we transition to another style of work.

Whatever the reason, at some we’d need to…

A detailed breakdown

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Distributing your work online for the world to scrutinize is definitely up there with some of the scariest things to do on earth — In my opinion. After 1+ years of blogging, I still press the publish button and slam my laptop shut for the next 24 hours whilst the article simmers — if it does.

In fact, I was so insecure about sharing my work that I deleted the first article I shared on Medium, which would have been published sometime in January — oh! I also deleted my second and third articles for the same reason.

Now, if…

Growing Your Followers Organically

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Some of you may know that last year I began a Youtube channel. I had uploaded some videos to the channel which I later removed after some deeper thought about what it is I truly wanted to do. However, since removing those posts, I’ve had many people enquire about where they could review the content I shared as they found it useful. Since I don’t believe I would be back on Youtube anytime soon, I decided to make a short series using the transcripts from my videos that were once on Youtube.

Without Further Adoo…

I’ve been blogging on Medium…

It Starts With Being Honest With Ourselves

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There are so many reasons to start blogging. I started mine because I was tipped off by my manager at work, he said “it’s a really good way to declutter your thoughts and see loopholes in your mental representations of concepts”. As complex as it sounds, it was enough to sway me and I’ve since gone on to write 90+ blog posts for myself and for various Artificial Intelligence start-ups. But that is not all there is to it. …

It starts by being honest with ourselves

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I’ve been blogging for over a year now. This has been enough time for me to write lots of content and assess the demographic of people that my work appeals to most. From my findings, I’ve found it’s generally aspiring Data Scientists that have followed my work which is great — It’s given me a sense of responsibility.

You may now be thinking, why on earth would I write about 3 reasons not to become a Data Scientist if I am aware that most of the people reading my work is determined to become Data Scientists. Well, I am not…

It’s Starts With Being Honest With Ourselves

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I’ve been a freelancer for almost 5 months now and though I’ve been enjoying the freedom of Freelancing very much, I do intend on going back to full-time employment as I feel like there’s no harm in doing both — maybe the out and out freelancers may disagree with me but who cares.

That said, freelancing is not for everyone. There are people that seem to navigate from project to project effortlessly whilst some go for extended periods without work. In fact, let’s go the full length and say that there are people that would be much better off working…

Monetizing Your Data Science Skills

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If there is anything that I’ve learned from 2020 then it is that you should never depend on 1 income source. I feel like a broken record every time I say that my role was made redundant, but it really did happen to me. I was contacted and told that Covid-19 has taken a toll on business and my role was being made redundant.

Fortunately for me, I had spent the majority of my furlough period building up my blog and working on avenues to earn extra income in case of the worst-case scenario which ended up happening.

You don’t…

What Are Your Options?

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It’s absolutely no doubt that blogging about Data Science is a great way to understand topics at a deeper level, build an audience, and serve as a tool to demonstrate your skills. Every day I question how I would have coped when I was made redundant due to the Covid outbreak taking a large toll on my previous employers. …

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