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Understanding and Dealing with Model Drift

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All things tend towards disorder. The second law of thermodynamics states “as one goes forward in time, the net entropy (degree of disorder) of any isolated or closed system will always increase (or at least stay the same)”. Thus, nothing lasts forever. Our youth is not forever, the best becomes the worst, and our machine learning models degrades as time does its thing.

The world is not static, it’s dynamic and continually changing. A spam email from the 2000s isn’t the same as a spam email in 2021. The features used to detect fraudulent emails in 2021 would differ significantly…

Keeping up with the Times

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Books, books, books! Before I started my journey in machine learning, I stacked up a pile of books on artificial intelligence from my local Waterstones books store. The idea was to gather up as much knowledge as I can about the potential of AI and whether I thought it was something I could do.

Three years down the line, I’ve successfully made the transition from post-man to Machine Learning Engineer, and now I’m circling back on some of the books that inspired me in the early stages of my journey.

Here are some great books you can pick up to…

Becoming A Better Programmer

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People responded awfully well to my last post, 3 ways to drastically improve your programming skills on your own. Since there are many things you can do to improve independently, I decided to add 3 more things you could do to develop your programming skills. These suggestions are expected to be more hands-on and to get you actively thinking.

#1 Solve Problems Logically

Programming skills are supposed to solve problems. Many people get too hung up on the intricacies and syntax of a specific programming language. …

Act Like The Person You Want To Be

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Act like the person you want to become! When we view ourselves in our mind's eye, the best thing we can do is imagine ourselves as the future self. The person we want to become. When we imagine the person we want to become as an event that happens in the future, we are subconsciously detaching ourselves from that person. Thus it's important to picture ourselves as that future person which includes embracing the emotions, feelings, and actions of the future present, even while we remain in the present.

In order to become the person you want to be, You…

Responsibilities, Expertise, and Salary Expectations

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There’s often confusion between the roles of Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers. Although they certainly work together amicably and enjoy some overlap concerning expertise and experience, the two roles serve quite different purposes.

Essentially, we are differentiating between Scientists who seek to understand the science behind their work, and Engineers who seek to build something that can be accessed by others. Both roles are extremely important, and at some companies, are interchangeable — for example, Data Scientists at certain organizations may carry out the work of a Machine Learning engineer and vice versa.

To make the distinction clear, I’ll…

A Comprehensive Roadmap With Courses

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A large portion of feeling more fulfilled in your career is from the feeling of progress. For a while, that feeling has been void for me. Yes, I’ve still been landing freelance machine learning contracts but not exactly the ones I want — with all due respect to my current clients. While I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been receiving, I know that I must improve if I want to reach the goals I’ve set for my career.

I didn’t become a Freelancer to do work I don’t want to do.

Consequently, I conducted some research on what skills are…

Reducing the risk of tackling machine learning projects

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Some things are best taught through experience. Such is the case for many tasks in Machine Learning. Machine Learning allows us to learn from large amounts of data and use mathematical formulations to solve problems by optimizing for a given objective. In contrast, traditional programming expects a programmer to write step-by-step instructions to describe how to solve a problem.

“ML is particularly useful to build systems for which we are unable to define a heuristic solution”

— Emmanuel Ameisen, Building Machine Learning Powered Applications. Page 3.

Despite its power, a major caveat with Machine Learning is that it introduces a…

How To Build A Machine Learning Portfolio

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We wouldn’t attempt to travel to another country without our passport, so why would you try to move around the machine learning industry without a portfolio? It doesn’t make sense. Your portfolio is the most important asset when trying to navigate the machine learning industry, and building one isn’t as hard as you may think.

If you’re anything like me, overthinking what goes into your portfolio is commonplace. I’d have to include my toes [and possibly yours] if I were to count how many projects I’ve deleted from my GitHub. The reason? They weren’t “cool” enough in my eyes. Over…

Healthy Habits Make Life Easier

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Whenever there’s something new I want to incorporate into my life, I first focus on building a habit. I wanted a better-looking physique, so I decided to go to the gym 6 days a week for 30–45 minutes. I wanted to read more books, so I started reading for 15–30 minutes before bed every day.

Habits describe the involuntary behaviors controlled by our subconscious mind. Psychologists [among others] believe 40–95% of our behavior is a result of habit [Source: Helping You Engineer Your Future], hence why I put so much emphasis on building them.

Healthy habits make our lives easier.

The Task Data Scientists Hate To Love

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Many Data Scientists ignore hyperparameters. Hyperparameter tuning is a highly experimental activity, and such uncertainty can lead to severe discomfort in any normal human being, something we naturally attempt to avert.

“Hyperparameter tuning relies more on experimental results than theory, and thus the best method to determine the optimal settings is to try many different combinations […].” — Will Koehrsen, Hyperparameter tuning the Random Forest in Python

Unfortunately, it ought to be done. We don’t walk into a store, pick a pair of trainers off the shelf, and buy them. We first select a shoe we believe will solve our…

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